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Cal Commit

Teaching Students the World of Collaboration

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Our Mission

Our mission is to equip computer science students with the skills and tools for successful collaboration and software development through participation in open-source projects, training in version control software, and competitions. To get started, simply Sign Up

what we do

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Volunteer With Us

As a non-profit organization, we award volunteer hours to those who contribute to open source projects. We also retain the ability to distribute the President's Volunteer Service Award. Which is a highly recognized award that is given to those who volunteer a certain amount of hours. This looks great on college applications and resumes. To start volunteering, simply Sign Up

what we do

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Fueling Engagement and Drive

We help students put their skills to the test by hosting competitions, ranging from hackathons to robotics competitions

Git Init 2023, January 6th - 8th

RoboRally 2023, April 16th

Expanding Our Knowledge

Our curriculum is now being used in Central Valley and the East Bay! If you wish to use our curriculum and become a Cal Commit branch, contact arnavp@calcommit.org or contact us at our Discord Server

Learn more than Git

We are developing courses that let computer science students explore various different topics while also learning Git. If you wish to contribute to our curriculum, contact arnavp@calcommit.org or contact us at our Discord Server

Introduction to Git

Learn about the many different commands and applications of Git.

Active at your local branch. Coming soon online.

Complete Python Course

A complete course about Python and its applications.

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